Compliance with federal and state regulations isn’t just a requirement for California employers: it’s the only way to stay in business. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, HRI is a leading provider of:



PREVENT LAWSUITS  Legal costs can be astronomical: a single employee claim could cost $20,000 in attorney’s fees alone. An updated employee handbook, policies, and following the proper procedures can literally save you thousands.

RETAIN KEY EMPLOYEES    Turnover costs companies in time, experience, productivity, and cash. The losses due to turnover run between 25% to 200% of the annual salary of each lost employee. While it’s impossible to eliminate turnover completely, it can be greatly controlled and reduced through targeted hiring and aggressive retention practices.

SAVE MONEY Control and reduce workers comp & unemployment insurance costs by proactively managing them. Reducing your workers compensation by as little as 1% could mean thousands of dollars in savings.

HRI MAKES IT EASY    We make it easy for business owners and managers to meet the challenge of federal and state compliance. We offer everything a business needs to safeguard itself as well as its employees:

  • Custom compliance packages
  • Consulting services
  • On and off-site support
  • Training and seminars

Whether you’re looking to outsource all of your human resource functions or supplement your existing HR staff, HRI provides cost effective, expert services and training in English and Spanish.

All initial consultations are provided free-of-charge. Find out what HR Ideas can do to make your bottom line that much better.